My name is Don and I gave myself the nickname Don the Laserman because generally I'm doing laser engraving or one of the tasks related to it. Besides everyone needs a nickname, don't they?

I got interested in laser engraving just a couple of years ago because it was a natural business growth area for our duplicating, color copying and large format signs and visuals business. We reasoned that engraving on wood, metal, glass, Lucite, leather and other such materials was, after all, very similar to printing on paper.

Actually, it turned out to be quite a bit different, and explaining some of these differences and displaying many of the items that we have been producing is an important objective of this web site. Additionally, the Don The Laserman web page is also a place for our customers to order engraving inventory for their stores and gift shops or for their personal use.

No this is not the house I live in, in fact, it is a very new product line that we are offering to our customers.  You will want to explore this section of our web page. Knock on the front door if your want to see more.

You will want to check out the new Memory Boxes made especially for brothers and sisters who want a keepsake honoring their mother and father. 




Lasers have been around for quite a while but they are also very trendy little items. Laser printers are well-known, of course, but most people have no idea about where the laser itself is or how it works because the machine will not function if you have the cover open.  Even if you could peer into the machine's innards the little laser beams are hard to find or even notice.  

Happily, laser engraving is a totally different story. When we’re engraving you can actually watch the laser burning or cutting its way into the material and, believe me,  it's fascinating. 

The word laser is actually an acronym standing for:  
L(ight) A(mplification by) S(timulated) E(mission of) R(adiation). In layman terms it means that a device processes a ray of light in a plasma cartridge and transmits highly charged or energized output in an invisible region of the electromagnetic spectrum and then focuses all its output through mirrors and lenses onto an extremely small spot where the entire energy stream is unleashed. Little wonder the idea of laser energy has fascinated science fiction readers and writers and, when used as a  practical working tool, most of the rest of us, too.


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