Carved Rocks are rocks that we carve with abrasive under pressure.  We call this sand carving and some people call it sand blasting.  Many of the rock projects that we carve are custom for a particular purpose, for example we might carve a persons name or address in a rock for the front of a house. 


Quartz is one of the most abundant rocks in existence on earth.  We don't notice that much of it because it is also a very brittle rock and most quartz brakes up into very small pebbles or even smaller pieces that are usually seen as simply sand. 

Quartz is a particularly good rock to sand carve because it comes in delightful colors that allow for fill that is color coordinated with the rock.  

These are samples of three very common quartz rock colors.  White and very opaque to the right, translucent with gold on the top and translucent with gray or silver on the bottom.  Good color fill choices for any of these three rocks is black or gold.

By the way actual gold, the precious metal gold, is often found in quartz.  A person should never discount that even in a common rock a precious metal may be present.




This is an example of how rocks appear once they are carved.  This object is called a Flippin' Pig, its a flipping "coin" made from quartz crystal.  The rock is translucent gold with black fill.


There is a "heads" with a pigs head and a "tails" with, yes of course, a pigs tail.  If you are interested in buying one of these unique items you may click here () follow the prompts for "Flippin' Pig.
We make many themes of engraving for the beautiful little quartz rocks.  This set is the fruit of the Spirit as defined in the Bible book of Galatians. 

 Notice some of the stones are white, some have yellow within the white and some are a dense gray.  All of these are filled with black.

Here's the same fruit of the Spirit but the fill is gold.  More subtle and a richer appearance but not as obvious.  The black would be perfect for a water stream where the stones would be at ground level and the gold would be just right for a waist high water garden.
Some people buy the Fruit of the Spirit stones individually because they want to place them in their rock garden or as a devotional object.  Usually however, people enjoy the stones included in their own beautiful laser engraved boxes.  The small one is called the Fruit of the Spirit Box and the large one is called the Fruit of the Spirit Treasure Box.   Click on the boxes below for prices and further information.


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