Don's Recommendations

Presumably you clicked on this page  because you wanted to see what Don recommends to special friends and associates.  If you are a casual browser these items are for you, too.  We believe that all of the laser engraved or sand carved gifts that we offer to the public are very lovely and we are careful to use good materials and to maintain excellent workmanship on all of them.  But we also recognize that only some of what anyone does can truly be extraordinary and you are just about to find out what we mean when we use the word extraordinary.  Truly, you will discover items that are beyond what is ordinary or usual.  And that's what extraordinary means, isn't it?

We are often called on to do laser engraving or sand carving on someone's own items.  Usually it is something that someone made themselves, their own special creation.  Some of these may be visited here.  EXPLORE


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