Rosewood Mini
Desk Clock
2"x 3"

A clock is a dramatic way to have people focus on time, the value of time, the use of time, the opportunity of time well spent and so on.  Here's one,  "Thoughts + deeds + time = Results"  Another inscription we've seen, "Time is you friend when you respect it, your enemy if you're indifferent to it."  Another, "Time enough for just one more."  "Time stands still for no man."  Click HERE for a variety of other quotes about time.   

Actually, any company theme on the face of a clock can be an impressive motivator.  "2002, The Breakout Year."  There is no need at all for a theme to be particularly clever to be a good inscription.  Some people are unusually gifted at turning a phrase but most of us are not.  One of the best ways to get a good theme is for the leader of an organization to tell employees what the goal is and to ask, "What's a good slogan to make us all focus on the goal?"  Good ideas will flow from this and it we know that it will be great as an engraved on the front of a desk clock.      

Maple Mini
Desk Clock
2" x 3"

Executive Clock
3" x 4" 

Mini Clock Plaque
2.25" x 4"

Arched Mini Clock
3" x 2"


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