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Wood_Face4.jpg (10454 bytes) Initially, it is important to tell you that laser engraving is the newest product line of PX Paperworx, the printing, duplicating, color copying and office automation overload supplier.  We recently added laser engraving because we believed that this would be an important new interest area for many of our customers.  Currently businesses use (and are expected to increase their use of) corporate gifts, employee awards and sales incentives.   Engraving is the approach used for printing messages on items made from wood, glass, plastic, leather, marble and metal.  

I'm Don McLeland, the president of PX Paperworx and as you might imagine the development and integration of laser engraving as a new product into our company appropriately became my personal responsibility.  

As a practical method of learning this rather new technology and developing product offerings I have spent a tremendous amount of time doing custom laser engraving work for many companies and individual craftsmen.   I'm delighted to share some of what I have learned in this process and I trust that you will feel comfortable in bringing your challenging assignments to me for your own development assignments.

A few of the areas that have been interesting to me as I have learned the laser engraving business are listed below.   Possibly these areas will be interesting to you as well.  Certainly, if you review the material, you will better grasp what can be custom engraved and how to successfully use a custom engraving professional.  Click the buttons to explore laser engraving deeper.

Laser Engraving Explained

The Mystique Of Engraving Engravable Materials

Applications For Engraving

Photography For Engraving

Bitmap (BMW) Format

Isometric Projections Designing With CorelDraw

Paper Engraving


Fret Making

Model Building How To Use Custom Services

Prep Work For Saving Dollars

How We Charge For Our Service


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