Garden Rocks

Garden Rocks come in all sizes, shapes, types of rock and colors.  They are all beautiful, of course, and they always fit in despite their appearance.  I suppose there is such a thing as an ugly rock but I don't recall seeing one.  All rocks also may be sand carved with your own words and images or you may purchase rocks that already have the sand carving completed.
Now if you were to ask me for my advice, I think that this is how garden rock are best displayed.  None but the sharpest eyes see the rock but when they do they have the thrill of discovery.  Usually it's a child. And when they do get up close for a good look their discovery is a real eye opener and a thing to be remembered.
Actually, I think is is even fun to place engraved rocks where plants will, when they grow during the season, cover the rocks.  Then you only come on them when you are caring for the plants or in early spring or sometimes during the winter.  I like forgetting about a thing and then suddenly finding it like an hidden treasure.
This Welcome rock is a special sort of image with a patriotic red, white and blue fill and sand carved into beautiful mica rich schist, the rock that is so prevalent in northern Minnesota.  This particular garden rock is priced at $15 and when you order one with your own letters expect to pay between $20 and $25 depending on how much sand carving is required.

We have a variety of garden rocks for you to consider

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