Gift Shops only.  PX Paperworx, Inc. the parent company to and supports gift shops by discounted gift product in the wide variety of items shown on both of these web pages and with product that has been specially produced for a geographical area or for individual gift shops.

Gift shop owners may enter this portion of our web page by locating the type of shop that best fits their area of interest.  These are the type of gift shops that we support:

Resort Shops Town Shops Minnesota Theme Shops Cabin Theme Shops
Hunting/Camping Theme Bible Shops Church Shops Hotel Shops
Airport Shops Trophy Shops Flower Shops  

Or gift shops may go directly to the product of their interest.  These are the most popular products that we provide to gift shops:

Mirror Photos Garden Rocks Driftwood Desk Objects Wild Flower Note Cards
Vacation Glassware Driftwood Garden Signs Six Inch Ruler  

Discount schedules are provided upon request when the gift shop owner contacts Don at 952-893-9233.




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